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Social Media Policy

Facebook Code of Conduct

The Legacy Foundation Facebook page is intended to provide information about the Foundation, its activities, and stakeholders. We are committed to maintaining a respectful, informative, and safe space for our community to actively engage in discussions about grants, projects, and other happenings of the Legacy Foundation in the greater Ottumwa area.  

To maintain this environment, we ask that all users abide by the below policies when interacting on the Legacy Foundation Facebook page:

Post Respectfully: Everyone doesn’t have to agree, but respect is a critical component of creating a safe space. If a comment contains hostile, defamatory, obscene, threatening, or harassing language, hate speech, incites crime, contains indecent material, is purposefully insulting or in any way demeans another individual or institution, the comment will be internally documented and deleted.

Inauthentic Content: Any comments containing false or unverifiable information will be deleted. All content shared should respect intellectual property rights.

Personal Information: Comments containing personal information of the user, or another individual will be deleted. This can include personal address, phone number, email, or other personal information.

Fake or Imitation Profiles: Profiles that are used to post anonymously, post as someone else, or otherwise misrepresent the responsible author will be banned.

Profanity Filter: The Legacy Foundation utilizes Facebook’s Profanity Filter. Any post, positive or negative, that contains profanity will be automatically hidden from public view. Any posts flagged by the filtering tool will be reviewed by the page moderator. If deemed to be not obscene, the post will be made public by the moderator. Posts deemed to contain profanity will not be posted for public viewing.

Spam Posts, Solicitation and Advertising: Comment threads are meant to serve as a forum for discussion on topics relevant the work done by the Legacy Foundation. They are not meant to be used to advertise products or sell services. Anything that is solely promotional, links to malicious websites or is clearly irrelevant to the post of reference will be deleted by the moderator.

Hate Speech: We DO NOT tolerate hate speech – ever. Any users posting comments containing hate speech will be banned from the Legacy Foundation page.

Moderation & Inquiry Responses: To maintain a safe, respectful page, comments are moderated by the Legacy Foundation Communications & Special Projects Manager.  This page is monitored during Legacy Foundation normal business hours Monday – Thursday. Moderation on weekends and holidays will be performed on an as-needed basis. Responses to inquiries or direct messages sent during normal business hours will occur with 24 hours. Responses to inquiries or direct messages sent on weekends or holidays will occur within 24 hours of the next normal business day.

Deleting Comments and Banning Users: We believe the public has a right to express their thoughts, however, we are dedicated to keeping this page as a civil space. We reserve the right to remove content at our own discretion, including when it is found to violate the polices listed above. Blocking users will always be a last resort but may occur at the discretion of the Foundation based on the frequency or degree of a user’s comments. Any deleted posts and/or banned users are documented by the page moderator. If you feel your post has been deleted by mistake, or you have been banned without reason, please contact the Legacy Foundation Communications & Special Projects Manager.