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Pickwick Early Childhood Center Celebrates Opening

Congratulations to our partners at the Ottumwa Community School District as they recently celebrated the opening of the Pickwick Early Childhood Center.  The Center, which houses both 3 and 4 year old children is a beautiful state-of-the-art facility and is nearing full capacity.

One of the Legacy Foundation’s highest strategic priorities is education.  Specifically, finding opportunities that equip our citizens to lead productive and meaningful lives.   We know from our research that children who enjoy early learning opportunities, such as those offered in the Pickwick Early Childhood Center, experience many short and long term benefits – including improved academic performance and school readiness, stronger socialization skills and higher education attainment rates.  We feel strongly that all of our students deserve these advantages and we are proud to be included among the partners of this project who are helping to make it possible.  The Legacy Foundation has provided a three year grant for this project totaling $525,000.  We look forward to following these children as they grow and flourish in their academic careers and beyond.