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Ottumwa Riverfront Project Website Unveiled

The Ottumwa Riverfront Project is one of the most exciting projects that the City of Ottumwa has embarked on in some time.  Marrying the idea that the river is an underdeveloped resource and a place where people are naturally drawn with practical community needs like new housing and increased tourism, the Ottumwa Riverfront Project has elements that appeal to one and all.

This complex, multi-year project is a collaborative effort that includes many organizations and many individuals all working together to make this conceptual dream a reality.

In order to better communicate both the individual elements and overall vision of the Ottumwa Riverfront Project, a new website has been created, for the public.  We encourage you to logon to this website to obtain additional information and to find out ways to become involved or to lend your support.  Together, we can continue to move Ottumwa forward and put plans, like these, into action.