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ORLF Seeking New VP of Finance

A new Vice-President of Finance is now being recruited for the Legacy Foundation following the announcement of her intention to retire by Madonna Fisher, current VP of Finance, earlier this year.  Those interested candidates will find the job advertisement and full job description available below:

Vice-President of Finance

The board and professional team of the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation are seeking a seasoned finance and accounting professional to lead the functions and be a partner in the senior management team. Located in a beautifully restored Main Street building in Ottumwa, Iowa, we are a private foundation deeply involved in the strategic economic and community development of our area – not just through grant-making but also initiating and acting on promising ideas, providing sound information, convening and collaborating with the rich diverse interests of our community, and celebrating our mutual successes.

Your qualifications and experience are very important, but your fit is
everything. Your professional goal is to maintain the corpus of the Foundation while leading, thinking, discussion, and action on budgeting and financial controls to meet annual grant-making and mission cost budgets. You’ll keep us prepared to meet our annual funding obligations and plan while dancing through public and private market fluctuations. We enjoy working with each other and we’re going to select the rare finance professional who enjoys the comradery of strong willed and highly motivated team mates and volunteers filling a variety of roles.

If this environment and our work sounds fun and you want to commit to
helping Ottumwa become an even more terrific place to work, learn, live, and enjoy life, submit your credentials to Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation, Attn: CEO, 111 E. Main Street, Ottumwa, IA or by January 13, 2020.

Job Description-VP of Finance