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Modernizing Public Safety in Wapello County: A New Records Management System Implemented

The City of Ottumwa and Wapello County have implemented a new law enforcement records management system that will modernize and streamline the way public safety entities share information and work together. This new system is a leading public sector cloud platform that helps respond faster, increase efficiency, and improve transparency with citizens.

As local governments are being asked to do more with less, this new records management system is a solution that addresses that challenge. The new records system will allow both county and city dispatch teams, jailers, all officers, fire departments, and the county attorney to work together seamlessly. The records management system is expected to provide greater efficiency and will allow all departments to access and share information.

The new system will include several essential components such as ease of use, streamlined reporting and workflow, mobile map routing, and a shared database. These features will increase response times and productivity and bring public safety entities up to date with the fast-paced world.

The funding will come from a collaboration between the Wapello County 911 Board, Ottumwa Legacy Foundation, as well as City of Ottumwa & Wapello County ARMA grant funds. This project is a notable example of how to work together in a way that will make all parties involved more efficient.

“For the first time in the history of law enforcement in our community, there will be open and transparent sharing of internal information between the Ottumwa Police Department, Wapello County Sheriff’s Office, and public safety entities. This will increase the efficiency of public safety activities while resulting in greater officer safety for our agencies,” said Chad Farrington, Chief of Police.

Don Phillips, Wapello County Sheriff, also supports the new system, stating, “The collaboration between Wapello County and the City of Ottumwa will forever change how public safety officers and First Responders operate, keeping the citizens of Wapello County safe.”