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LCL Scholar Spotlight: Tania Reed

When Tania’s oldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism, she began a lifelong journey with Occupational Therapy. Reed credits much of her daughter’s successes to the Occupation Therapists she worked with, sparking her interest in the field. As her oldest daughter is now preparing to graduate with a degree in Software Programming, Tania is pursuing her dream of being an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Indian Hills Community College.

We caught up with Tania, a 2021 LCL Health Career Scholarship recipient, to see how the LCL scholarship has impacted her. You can read the interview below:


Legacy Foundation: How has the LCL Health Career Scholarship helped you with your studies this year?
Tania: One important thing is that this year, I had enough funds after tuition and fees to purchase my textbooks plus any online access needed. That might not seem important, but it is. I can’t express how thankful I am for the generosity that makes that possible. I also was surprised to receive a package from the Legacy Foundation with movie-themed gifts and a note wishing me well on my year. That was nice and needed encouragement at the start of my second year, and I feel it reflects the personal interest the foundation shows students.


Legacy Foundation: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Tania: I have always enjoyed giving back or volunteer work, so in the future, I would like to find a way to use my degree to benefit those in need or who have special needs. I have a child on the spectrum, so that practice area is of particular interest to me.


Legacy Foundation: What would you tell other students considering going back to school for a degree in the healthcare field?
Tania: There is a demand, and it’s never too late. I kept putting it off, feeling like I was too old, but I have received a tremendous amount of support from students, educators, and other medical professionals in the field. I was amazed at the tight-knit community at each of my clinical sites, and I witnessed firsthand how many are not only clinicians but also educators and mentors to students like myself. If you are willing to learn and serve your community, there is a place for you.


The Laboratory Control Ltd. Health Care Career Scholarship Fund is an endowed fund administered by the Legacy Foundation for the express purpose of scholarship support for individuals interested in pursuing a career in health care. The scholarship program intends to invest in the education of those students that may look to southeast Iowa for employment in health care following the completion of their studies. To date, $454,125 has been awarded to 171 Southeast Iowa scholars. Learn more here