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Investing in the Health of Our Community

LCL WinnersWe took a moment this month to celebrate with our latest round of Laboratory Control Ltd. Health Career Scholarship winners during the annual Scholarship Reception.  It is always fun to meet this talented group of students to find out how school is going, what their plans are for the future and yes, of course, try and talk them into returning to their rural communities after school to start their careers!  The keynote speaker for this year’s event was Dr. Sandro Younadam, who gave a very insightful Dr(and humorous) account of obtaining a health career and working in the medical field.  Also on hand were the high school students enrolled in the Health Career Exploration Academy, a project made possible through a partnership with Indian Hills and a Legacy grant.  It was a wonderful opportunity for these young students to hear the experiences of a respected physician but also to meet and talk to college students who could give them advice and encouragement as well.  The Health Career Academy students were surprised during the program when it was announced that the scholarship “exercise” they had participated in earlier in the week was actually a HC Scholarship Winnerreal scholarship contest that was resulting in the award of a $500 scholarship for one of the participants, Jessica Horvath.  Once the program was complete, the recipients were sent on their way with “college survival gift baskets” containing among other things; Advil, earplugs, Ramen Noodles, chocolate (all the necessities), as well as our wishes for a successful and enjoyable year at school.