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Housing Workshops Draw Over 120 Community Members

Over 120 community members came together on Monday, December 20th, to discuss the housing situation in Ottumwa. Charlie Cowell, Urban Planner with RDG Planning and Design, presented the recently completed Ottumwa Housing Study results to kick off the workshops. The full results of the study can be

found here. In addition to sharing study results, RDG Cowell shared five strategies that could help curb Ottumwa’s housing supply issues:

Charlie Cowell of RDG presents to the group.
  1. Ramp up a non-profit developer to purchase, rehabilitate and sell run-down homes or build medium-density infill homes
  2. Provide incentives for medium density infill development
  3. Develop a gap-financing funding consortium to support developers
  4. Create a community neighborhood campaigns for targeted redevelopment efforts
  5. Focus on workforce development through OHS and IHCC programs focused on construction and trades programs necessary to build new homes in the community

After hearing study results and possible solutions, community members worked together to brainstorm additional ideas to help solve the community housing issue. Results and ideas presented at the workshop were collected and will be

Community members discuss housing ideas

reviewed by the Ottumwa Housing Committee to determine the next steps in moving forward.

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The Legacy Foundation funded the Ottumwa 2021 Housing Study. Read the full study here.