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Heroes in Training

As many of us are sheltering in place and struggling to stay sane adjusting to this new normal, our thoughts go out to all the First Responders, National Guard, and myriad of medical professionals that are keeping us safe and working very long hours to save lives.  The Foundation has always recognized the importance of healthcare professionals and, to date, has awarded nearly $400,000 in scholarships through our Laboratory Control Ltd. Health Career Scholarship program.  As we try to keep in contact with past scholarship recipients anyway, we thought it would be interesting to reach out to a few and find out how they are helping with the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some of the responses:

Megan, a 2nd year ARNP student, is working in the emergency room of a small-town health clinic while also continuing her clinical hours in another location.

Ellen, a first-year med student, is working in a private pathology lab, “… pathology is still needed, so I’m considered essential at this point. It’s a strange feeling! The hospital is an eerie place to be.”

Emily, a University of Iowa student that is working towards her Masters in Social Work, is completing her internship work from home to protect the health of the clinic clientele. She continues to assist remotely by updating client profiles and planning group therapy activities.

Justin and Ainsley continue to work in the lab at the local hospital. According to Justin, who is the Technical Supervisor of the Blood Bank, “Policies and procedures are being changed daily as we conform to the new norm here at the hospital.” 

Charlie, who will complete medical school in May, had his rotations at the hospital suspended for the past two weeks. Charlie and his fellow med students found another way to aid in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to help support medical professionals, their families, and the rest of the community. They are responding to the most pressing need for more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by having a PPE Drive for donation of medical masks, gloves, gowns, disinfecting wipes, and bleach that are essential for the safety and health of medical professionals and patients. “This drive will benefit all local hospitals, as we want to benefit as many medical professionals as possible. We are all hurting and are all in this together.”

These are but a few glimpses into the lives of those preparing to take the reins of healthcare in the future.  We thank them and all of those that have gone before for their sacrifice and their dedication to putting us first.