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Hayden Short: A Beacon of Excellence in Public Health and Service

Hayden Short’s journey from the Legacy Youth Alliance to the University of Iowa College of Public Health is marked by exceptional achievements and unwavering dedication. As a triple recipient of the LCL (Laboratory Control Ltd.) Scholarship award and a standout member of the Senior Honors Program, Hayden’s academic prowess is undeniable. 

Beyond her academic achievements, Hayden’s commitment to service and leadership shines brightly. From her involvement in community outreach initiatives to her contributions in theater and athletics, Hayden exemplifies the spirit of a true renaissance individual. 

Praise from mentors like Lynelle Diers and Bonnie Butler underscores Hayden’s impact in both academic and real-world settings. Her vision for the future, characterized by a dedication to addressing healthcare inequities, is both inspiring and commendable. 

Hayden’s journey underscores the significance of initiatives like the Laboratory Control Ltd. (LCL) Health Care Career Scholarship Fund, which is dedicated to providing financial support to students interested in healthcare careers. With a focus on investing in the education of individuals who may seek employment in healthcare in Southeast Iowa, this LCL scholarship reflects a commitment at addressing regional healthcare needs.