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Grace Ottumwa Mission: Growing Hope, Sharing Nourishment 

Driven by a deep love for their community, a group of caring individuals united to address food insecurity in Ottumwa and the surrounding area. The Grace Garden Group emerged, transforming available church land into a thriving garden. With unwavering dedication, they grow healthy produce to distribute to local organizations serving the needy. 

Wapello County’s troubling statistics, with 15.3% of children and 17.5% of the population living in poverty, ignited their passion to make a difference. Collaborating with institutions like Ottumwa Lord’s Cupboard and others, the group ensured that fresh vegetables reached those most in need. 

In just three years, the Grace Garden Group has harvested over 2 tons of produce, impacting lives and nourishing the community. Their partnership with Indian Hills Community College horticulture department provided expert guidance, boosting their success. 

Despite challenges, including limited resources and adverse weather conditions, the group’s resilience and community support fueled their progress. They plan to improve efficiency by implementing a watering system and acquiring a structure for sorting and delivering produce. Their most recent grant award of $9,000 through the Bright Ideas Community Enrichment Fund from the Ottumwa Legacy Foundation will serve as a significant boost to help their efforts. 

The Grace Garden Group’s story exemplifies compassion, resilience, and a shared vision to cultivate hope and share nourishment with their community. 

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