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Food Insecurity Consortium Holds First Session

Leaders of various community organizations recently attended a reception to discuss the creation of and participation in a food insecurity consortium.  The meeting, which was organized by the Food Bank of Southern Iowa and the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation, was attended by a 30 participants from 21 different organizations including nonprofit leaders, school principals, elected officials, religiouFC Receptions leaders and those who work in the food industry.  The goal of the consortium is to tackle the issue of food insecurity including potential causes and related issues.  On hand for participants to view were statistics highlighting the area’s unemployment, lack of access to healthy foods and county health rankings.   The statistics were staggering to all.  “Here we are in the middle of the Bread Basket of the United States and yet we have one of the highest rates of food insecurity in the country, stated Tom Lazio, Legacy Foundation Board Chairman.    The idea of a consortium was developed in tandem with a $100,000 gift to the Food Bank for a Revolving Food Fund.  Two follow up meetings will be held to hone in on what people and organizations need to be involved to produce the most impact.  “This conversation is about sustainability”, said Brad Little, ORLF President.  “It’s about making something that not only lasts but moves the needle.”