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First Resources Corporation to buy Tonal Body Fitness, with use of Bright Ideas Funds

Since 1987, First Resources has been serving people with disabilities in a sheltered workshop setting. Over the years, they have expanded their services to a wide variety of human service programs including mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and recovery, due to the needs of the community.  

Today, First Resources has approximately 82 staff and clients from around the region. Their staff works hard to provide education on money management, communication and expression, socialization, cooking, personal hygiene, medication management, and goal setting. 

Expanding the health and fitness aspects within their programs is a high priority for First Resources. We are excited to announce they are a recipient of the Bright Ideas Community Enrichment Fund grant from the Legacy Foundation in the amount of $8,400. They plan to use the money to purchase a Tonal Body Fitness gym system and subscriptions for individuals participating in services.  

The implementation of this innovative health program would be to assist individuals utilizing our services to create habits to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive life changes. Outcomes would include a 12% decrease in hospital visits, injury, and illness. Exercise is a great tool for dealing with mental health problems and can improve energy and outlook to help get more out of life. In fact, research suggests fitness has a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and many other mental health-related dilemmas. 

“Thanks to the Legacy Foundation Bright Ideas Community Enrichment Grant, our individuals have an innovative new way to set and track health goals!” First Resources, Marketing Director, Sadie Waugh 

The Tonal Machines have recently been installed at the Gateway location and the entire group is excited about this addition.