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Cindy Hewitt

For Cindy Hewitt, emergency medicine has been a lifelong passion.  Ironically, it all began by chance when, in school, Cindy learned that in order to dodge an English class she could take a Nurses Aid class instead.  “The rest as they say is history,” laughs Cindy.  From that moment on she was hooked and it didn’t take long for her career to become EMS focused (Emergency Medical Services).  “I love working in this area because every day is unique,” stated Cindy.  “You never really know what kind of situation you are going to encounter.”   Providing critical, emergency care has always been rewarding but a few years ago Cindy found herself at a crossroads when she made the decision to acquire a Bachelor of Science, Health Care Administration and Emergency Management Degree and enter the teaching arena.  “I wanted to play a part in elevating the quality of students entering the field,” she says.  “There’s nothing better than watching the face of one of my students go froCH awardm a puzzled look to an AH-HA and to know that they got it!”   Her hard work must be paying off because Cindy was recently recognized as an Outstanding New Teacher from the Iowa Health Educators Association.

As a multiple year scholarship recipient, the Laboratory Control Limited Scholarship Program has been a great help to Cindy as she furthered her educational career.  “Because I am a non-traditional student, it is very difficult to qualify for any type of assistance,” said Cindy.  “Having that additional financial support was really helpful to me and my family.”  She especially likes the focus that the scholarship program has on investing in the community.  This is a concept she understands well and continues to practice in her own life as an emergency volunteer for the local fire and rescue agency.  So what’s next for Cindy….more predictable unpredictability?   “911 is always going to ring,” Cindy says with a smile.  “And those of us in EMS will always be ready.”

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