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Canteen Alley Project in the Que

Plans to provide a much needed facelift to “Canteen Alley” were recently announced during the Main Street Soup & Scoop event.  The Legacy Foundation was thrilled to receive word from the Iowa Economic Development Authority that they would be funding the innovative project.  The design includes a more pedestrian friendly layout and sustainable elements that will be both eco-friendly and creative in design.  Other design elements include art pieces and decorative pavers.

This is actually Phase II of the alley project.  Phase I included renovation of the open space between buildings that links Main Street to Canteen Alley.  Phase I was completed this winter.  This renovation included new pavers and the addition of greenscape elements like trees and ornamental grasses to the space.  Principal Financial Group was a funding partner of Phase I which is located near their Ottumwa office.

These projects are much needed additions to downtown revitalization efforts and will highlight one of Ottumwa’s long-standing treasures.  They further compliment the other private investment that has been realized in the area.  Construction on Phase II will begin this fall and will be completed in 2017.

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Canteen Alley – Phase I

Canteen Alley – Phase II