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Canteen Alley Design Contest Announced

A new design contest has been announced to enhance the Canteen Alley Phase II Project.  Genus Landscape Architects, in partnership with the Ottumwa Legacy Foundation, the City of Ottumwa and the Iowa Economic Development Authority, is looking for professional artists to submit their qualifications for this innovative public art opportunity. Artists from all cultural and political backgrounds who have had experience working in the public sector are encouraged to submit. Artists must be at least 18 years of age. This opportunity includes the design and installation of 1 – 3 art pieces to be attached to the buildings along Canteen Alley in Downtown Ottumwa [ Exhibit B ]. The pieces can be a downspout and/or a vessel and must be fully integrated functionally and visually with the building. In addition to an impactful aesthetic quality, the art pieces must function as a rainwater delivery system – rain enters the art piece at the roof line, flows through the downspout/art piece on the exterior of the building and is distributed to the Canteen Alley landscape. The artwork must creatively reveal and celebrate the movement of water from the roof to the alley landscape and make rain an anticipated event. Projects that integrate an educational component are encouraged.

Phase two is a green infrastructure project that aims to reconstruct the public alley, making improvements to underground utilities, lighting and creating a cultural corridor for all to enjoy. Green infrastructure strategies will be a key component to this phase, which includes integration of public art. The ideal art proposals will be those that reflect sensibility towards rain water management and water quality in a unique and artful manner.

RFQ submittals are due on April 14th.  Click here for more information.