We are excited to share the names of our newest Bright Ideas Community Enrichment Fund partners as we recently awarded sixteen grants to local non-profit organizations totaling $162,720.  The following lists the organizations and their funded project amounts:

Bridge View Center – Funding for LED theatrical lighting system:  $20,000

Camp Wapello Preservation Group – Financial support for new roof, rock, grading services and supplies to enhance rifle range:  $5,520

Ecumenical Lords Cupboard – Grant to purchase computer as well as food and hygiene items for holiday baskets:  $10,000 

Food Bank of Southern Iowa – Financial assistance to purchase food and access state of Iowa match:  $25,000

Hospice – Support of the Hospice House Residential Care Facility:  $30,000

Indian Hills Community College Development Corp. – Financial sponsorship of the 10th Annual Diversity Conference at IHCC:  $3,000

Latinas Latinos – Grant provided to support “Commitment to School Success” program:  $9,800

Ottumwa Area Arts Council – Financial assistance to purchase art sculpture:  $6,000

Ottumwa Area Arts Council – Grant provided for sentry tree carving project in Ottumwa Cemetery:  $5,000 

Ottumwa Athletic Club – Support of Project Lead The Way industrial technology courses utilizing robotics kits:  $8,000 

Ottumwa High School Music Boosters – Funding for OHS Band percussion instruments:  $5,000

Ottumwa High School Music Boosters – Funding for Ottumwa High School beginner orchestra instruments:  $3,000

Ottumwa Public Library Foundation – Grant to purchase digital film scanner:  $5,520

Salvation Army – Grant to replace lighting and air conditioning at Salvation Army Thrift Store:  $8,700 

Tenco Industries – Financial assistance to purchase a wheel chair accessible van:  $10,000

Wapello County McHaffey Opera House – Grant provided for restoration of pain and stenciling in Opera House:  $5,700 

“Our Bright Ideas program celebrated a significant milestone with this latest round of grants,” stated Kelly Genners, director of community leadership and grant-making.  “We surpassed the one million dollar mark with our cumulative grant total of $1,045,825!” 

The next grant cycle will open on February 1, 2014.  Applicants may apply online at www.orlf.org from February 1st – February 28th.  Eligible applicants must be a 501(c)3 organization. Additional questions may be referred to kgenners@orlf.org.BICEF Chart

Bright Ideas Community Enrichment Fund Grants Through December, 2013 – $1,045,824

87 Grants to 55 different organizations