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A Letter From Our President Regarding COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Joining our community’s effort to manage the issues surrounding COVID 19 and its virus, the Legacy Foundation office at 111 East Main Street, Ottumwa, is now closed to unscheduled guests.

You are invited to call or email your Legacy Foundation contact, or call 641-455-5260.

The Legacy professional team will be making day-to-day decisions about working remotely, based on individual circumstances. This accentuates the need to call ahead to ensure we are available. 

Events and meetings of Legacy and its committees, subsidiaries, and affiliated organizations, scheduled through April 30, are under review to determine if they should be canceled or rescheduled for a later date. Those directly involved, and to the extent possible the general public, will be informed of these changes. Do not hesitate to call the Legacy office with questions about previously scheduled events to learn what actions have been taken.

The Foundation is also building new, stronger capabilities to link our colleagues together via online video conferencing tools. These easily adoptable tools will be an adequate substitute for many meetings until we all can be comfortable resuming more routine, face-to-face meetings.

Our team will be limiting work-related travel during this time. We will appreciate our colleagues who would like Legacy attendance at a meeting to arrange for video or telephonic conferencing, too.

All of us are adjusting to a new paradigm to remain safe from a virus with which none of us have experience. It’s our sincere hope that you and your family evade illness entirely this season, especially with COVID 19. And we encourage you to continue to rely on your colleagues here in Legacy for the closest collaboration possible during a time of unique challenge.

Frankly, we are unsure how long these changes must remain our new “normal.” We will remain in contact with you here, and use other means to update you on changes.

On behalf of the Legacy Team of professionals and volunteers, I sincerely wish you good health and good fortune.


Steven J. Dust