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Grant Provides Critical Services to Children and Families

A recent gift of $9,000 from the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation was awarded to Children & Families of Iowa (CFI) and the Community Partnership for Protecting Children (CPPC) to support critical services which prevent child abuse/neglect domestic violence, and adolescent substance abuse throughout Ottumwa and Wapello County.

Thanks in large part to past support from the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation, the CPPC collaborative, of which CFI is the lead agency, has made a significant impact on the local community by providing critical, unique services to those in need. The collaborative is comprised of 24 local community organizations and agencies that represent fields including education, social services, health, law enforcement, substance abuse services, mental health services, and faith groups. Representatives meet monthly to identify community needs and combine resources in an effort to better serve residents of the greater Ottumwa area. CPPC brings diverse community stakeholders together, identifies community needs, and develops a coordinated strategic plan to guide the community in designing and implementing needed programs and services. Community partners that are directly involved in the programs and services included in this grant are: CFI, Drug Endangered Children, Wapello County Family Treatment Court, Wapello County Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)s Team, First Resources, Children’s Alliance, and Sieda Community Action.

The Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation made it possible for CPPC to meet community needs over the past year by providing funding for a variety of activities, including community information/trainings related to the ACE and Drug Endangered Children groups. Currently trainings are being planned to educate the community. Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation also supported a group of youth in the community to promote safe, age specific events. The group, with the collaboration of the local YMCA, has held a basketball tournament and is planning additional community events.

“We are so grateful for the work done by the agencies within the CPPC,” says Kelly Genners, Vice President of Programs and Initiatives. “The work that they are doing is difficult and complex but so very necessary to assisting the children and families in Wapello County in a collaborative and comprehensive way.”

“We are thankful for the generous support of the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation,” says Amy Stapp-Arpy, CFI’s Chief Development Officer/Vice President of Development & Communications. “This support makes it possible for Wapello County’s most vulnerable children and families to receive the services that help them heal and live more productive lives.”


About Children & Families of Iowa

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